This partner page is dedicated to Veeam who was my first VCDX56 blog sponsor, started September 2013. During 2016 Veeam ran a quiz dedicated to VCDX56 readers only and this was a huge success with many participants and one happy winner. Read more about the quiz and the prize here.

The following sections are available:



Veeam® recognizes the new challenges enterprises of all sizes across the globe face in enabling the Always-On Business™, one that must operate 24/7/365.
To address this, Veeam has pioneered a new market of Availability for the Always-On Enterprise™. Unlike “Legacy Backup” solutions which provide recovery time (RTO) and recovery point objectives (RPO) of hours or days, Veeam helps enterprises meet recovery time and point objectives (RTPO™) of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data.
This is achieved through a fundamentally new kind of holistic solution that delivers

  • High-speed recovery
  • Data loss avoidance
  • Verified protection
  • Leveraged data and complete visibility.

Veeam Availability Suite™, which includes Veeam Backup & Replication™, leverages virtualization, storage, and cloud technologies that enable the modern data center to help organizations save time, mitigate risks, and dramatically reduce capital and operational costs.

Read more about the latest, version 9.5, release of Veeams flagship product Backup and Recovery here



Both business oriented and technical oriented training is available for the Veeam portfolio. You can select from both online training as well as classroom . There are also three different certifications available:

  • VMSP (Veeam Sales Professional)
  • Veeam Technical Sales Professional (VMTSP)
  • Veeam Certified Engineer (VMCE).

Read more about the Veeam education offering here.


There are a lot of useful resources available if you want to:

  • Learn more about the Veeam
  • Architect your Veeam solution
  • Extent your Veeam solution
  • Already using Veeam

The resources available apart from the actual software are divided into the below sections and can be found here:

  • Analyst Reports
  • Recorded Product Demos
  • Recorded Webinars
  • Technical Documentation
  • VeeamLive On Demand
  • White Papers

Free tools

The below free tools are available from Veeam: