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Jul 20 2017

Microsoft Management Console Snap-In For Nutanix AFS Available

A few days ago, (2017-07-18) Nutanix released a Microsoft Management Console (MMC) Snap-In for Nutanix Acropolis File Services (AFS). This means you can now perform top level directories (TLD) actions such as the below once via a Microsoft MMC which you have pointed to the AFS name space: Create top-level directories Delete top-level directories Change …

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Jul 19 2017

Nutanix AOS Version Released

Yesterday, 2017-07-18, Nutanix released a new version of the Acropolis Operating System (AOS) meaning the latest and greatest version available is And yes it’s a minor release but I know at least some of my customers will benefit from the new announcements such as: Support for vSphere ESXi 6.5 and 6.5a including Dell XC …

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Jun 28 2017

Nutanix .Next Conference 2017 In Washington Starts Tomorrow

So we are 14 hours away from this years US based Nutanix .Next event which will take place June 28 – 30, 2017 at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in Washington, D.C. Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center. I have been in Washington for a few days already and have had some time to catch …

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May 26 2017

Import Windows Virtual Machine Using EFI Boot From VMware ESXi To Nutanix AHV

There are quite a few ways to migrate virtual machine (VM) from existing virtualisation solution to a Nutanix solution depending on e.g.: Source hypervisor Target hypervisor Keeping existing hypervisor or changing existing hypervisor. Moving VMs from non Nutanix system to Nutanix system Moving VMs between Nutanix systems. This blog post will cover a specific migration …

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May 12 2017

List number of VMs per Nutanix AHV host

Got a question a few days ago about how to list number of virtual machines (VMs) per Nutanix AHV host. From the top of my head I can think of two ways: PRISM Script PRISM It’s really simple to either view VMs per AHV Hosts direct in the UI and even export the information to a …

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May 03 2017

Change & Verify Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine Network (VLAN) Placement

In most of my deployments I need to place the Nutanix Node (AHV, ESXi, Hyper-V) and the Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) on a non default VLAN. This blog post will cover the CVM part and by following the below steps you can easily place a CVM on a specific VLAN and also verify the …

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Apr 25 2017

Deploy and customize multiple Linux VMs on Nutanix AHV

A while back I wrote a blog post Nutanix AHV and Linux VM Guest Customization where I used cloudinit to customize a Linux virtual machine (VM) after deployment. Based on that I have been asked how to do this when you’ll like to deploy multiple VMs same time. For testing purposes i have used a deployment script …

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Apr 19 2017

Nutanix AHV Network Configuration – Change Load Balancing

A while ago I published a blog post about how to configure the 10 Gbps Network cards (NICs) as the only active NICs for a specific AHV based Open vSwitch (OVS) bond which default is bond0 on AHV. Read that blog post here.  This blog post will be about changing the load balancing from the …

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Apr 12 2017

Nutanix AHV Version 20160925.43 Released

Updated 2017-04-26 AHV version 20160925.44 was released 2017-04-24 and it includes minor changed to the .43 released April 11. Release notes for .44 can be found here. —————————— Yesterday, 2017-04-11, Nutanix released a new version of their hypervisor AHV. This means the latest and greatest AHV version is now 20160925.43. This release contains broader support …

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Apr 05 2017

Nutanix AOS 5.0.2 & more updates released

Today, 2017-04-04, Nutanix released an AOS (Acropolis Operating System), formerly known as NOS (Nutanix Operating System) update meaning it is now at level 5.0.2. In addition to the AOS release there has been a few additional releases for PRISM Central 5.0.2 and Metro Witness 5.0.2. AOS 5.0.2 Its a maintenance release and includes new features …

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Apr 04 2017

Nutanix AHV Network Configuration – Only Use 10Gbps NICs

When you implement Nutanix AHV (Acropolis Hypervisor) all the available network cards (NICs) will by default be added the the single bridge (br0) created during the AHV installation and all the NICs attached to a network switch will be used. There are two ways available to determine the actual configuration: PRISM Click the Network link in …

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Mar 30 2017

Change Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine Network Placement

This blog post will cover how to change virtual machine (VM) network adapter (NIC) to AHV network mapping. You got two options to do this: PRISM – You need to delete the existing NIC and add a new one. This can be done while VM is running but you’ll lose the MAC address of the existing …

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Mar 24 2017

Change Nutanix AHV Virtual Machine Disk Bus Type

I have had a few questions about how to change bus type for a Nutanix AHV based virtual machine (VM) over the past month so this blog post will be how to change the disk bus type for a CentOS 7.3 based VM running on the Nutanix hypervisor AHV. You can add new disk and also delete …

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Mar 21 2017

Manage vSphere Virtual Machines in Nutanix PRISM

With the Nutanix AOS 5.0 release it is now possible to manage VMware vSphere ESXi based virtual machines (VMs) via Nutanix PRISM. VM management is controlled via the VM section in PRISM which you’ll reach by: Selecting VM in the main drop down menu Click Table and you’ll see all the VMs in table format. Both …

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Feb 27 2017

Set Nutanix AHV Timezone

A question I have received multiple times since Nutanix released their hypervisor AHV, formerly known as Acropolis Hypervisor, is how to set correct time zone. I have already covered how to set correct time zone for the Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) and the Nutanix Cluster in the Create & Configure Nutanix Cluster via command line blog post. …

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Feb 27 2017

Nutanix 4.7.5 and more released

Today, 2017-02-27, Nutanix released an updated version to the already existing AOS 4.7 family meaning the current version is now 4.7.5. So this is for all of you still at AOS version 4 and not on AOS version 5 which is now at version 5.0.1. See more about AOS 5.0.1 here. 1-Click SATA-DOM Firmware Upgrade …

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