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Nov 17 2017

Meet NPX 013 – Wayne Conrad

Name: Wayne Conrad NPX Number:013 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: N/A Twitter: @wjconrad Virtualisation background: I started using ESXi 3.5 in 2007 or so on a small 3 host environment to run our corporate network. The consulting firm I was internal IT for at the time had been thinking of starting a VMware practice. The environment was …

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Jun 22 2016

Meet NPX 010 – Sachin Bhowan

Name: Sachin Bhowan NPX Number: 010 Employer: VMXperts Blog URL: Twitter: @sbhowan Virtualisation background: I started with VMware in 2003 to develop a disaster recovery platform and have been working with virtualization ever since. Storage Background: Have worked with multiple and various storage platforms throughout my career in terms of design, troubleshooting and managing these platforms. …

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May 31 2016

Meet NPX 009 – Richard Arsenian

Name: Richard Arsenian NPX Number: 009 Employer: Nutanix Inc Blog URL: Twitter: @richardarsenian Virtualisation background:Working with VMware technologies since 2005 Storage Background: Shared storage experience with a wide range of technology vendors, in particular EMC Hyper Converged Infrastructure background:  Whilst at VMware I began to see a growing trend with hyper Convergence technology coupled with …

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Feb 20 2016

Meet the new NPX Program Manager – Chris Skinner

A few months back Mark Brunstad, former Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Program manager moved on to another role at Nutanix and the Chris Skinner is now the the new NPX Program Manager. I’m very glad Chris had the time to answer almost the same questions as Mark and below you’ll find the answers. Name: Chris Skinner Employer: Nutanix …

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Dec 29 2015

Meet NPX 008 – Rene Van Den Bedem

Name: Rene Van Den Bedem NPX Number: 008 Employer: Saudi Telecom Company Blog URL: Twitter: @vcdx133 Virtualisation background: vSphere 4.0 to 6.0, with just over 6 years in the virtualisation space. Storage Background: IBM DS8800, IBM SVC, IBM Storwize V7000, HDS USP-100, EMC Symmetrix VMAX20K & XtremeIO, with just over 6 years in the storage space. …

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Dec 07 2015

Meet NPX 005 – Magnus Andersson

This feels a bit weird but i have talked to the mirror and asked myself the same questions i have asked my fellow NPX colleagues. So this is my interview with myself:) Name: Magnus Andersson NPX Number: 005 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: Twitter: @magander3 Virtualisation background: Started back in the days playing with VMware workstation and continued …

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Dec 01 2015

Meet NPX Program Manager – Mark Brunstad

I’m very excited that the Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) Program manager Mark Brunstad had some time to share his thoughts about the NPX program. The questions for Mark will obviously not be the exact same once as for the NPXs but i think you’ll find some really good, interesting and valuable information in this interview. Name: …

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Oct 02 2015

Apply for Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) 2016

Last year Nutanix accounted the Nutanix Technical Champion (NTC) program which i blogged about here. Today i received a message that the applications for 2016 are open so if you’re a Nutanix expert that constantly contribute to the community you should apply via this link for NTC before October 26 2015. The following are some …

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Sep 22 2015

Meet NPX 007 – Michael Webster

Name: Michael Webster NPX Number: 007 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: Twitter: @vcdxnz001 and @WebScale007 Virtualisation background: 15 years of virtualizing business critical applications and Unix to x86 migrations. VMware since workstation beta. Specialty in Monster VM’s. Mainly in large enterprise environments. Storage Background: I’ve designed and implemented storage solutions from most of the main vendors including IBM, …

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Sep 08 2015

Meet NPX 006 – Bas Raayman

Name: Bas Raayman NPX Number: 006 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: Twitter: @basraayman Virtualisation background: Started with virtualization while still working at SAP. Worked with VMware, Solaris Zones and the likes, then kicked the VMware stuff into a different gear when I started my job as a vSpecialist at EMC, and obviously while working at Nutanix. Storage …

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Aug 24 2015

Nutanix @ VMworld in San Francisco 2015

It’s about a week before this years VMworld event (30 August – 3 September) held in San Fransisco at Moscone Center. Nutanix will be at the solutions exchange as an event Gold sponsor. This gives you a great opportunity to step by our booth  #1729 to meet some excellent Nutanix representatives and discuss pretty much anything regarding our …

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Aug 01 2015

Meet NPX 004 – Samir Roshan

Name: Samir Roshan NPX Number: 004 Employer: Nutanix Inc Blog URL: Twitter: @kooltechies Virtualisation background: 10+ years of virtualisation experience Storage Background: Storage has been a continuous part of my journey in the virtualisation world sometimes mainstream some times not. I will say close to ~5 years overall. Hyper Converged Infrastructure background: Since my …

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Jul 17 2015

Meet NPX 003 – Jonathan Kohler

Name: Jonathan Kohler NPX Number: 003 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: Twitter: @JonKohler Virtualisation background: Health Care – Mission/Life Critical app BCA virtualization, and DC/Infra consulting. Storage Background: Multi-PB EMC environments, NetApp, EqualLogic Hyper Converged Infrastructure background: Nutanix XCP Future of HCI and other emerging technologies: Good question, I don’t have a crystal ball, but I …

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Jul 10 2015

Meet NPX 002 – Lane Leverett

  Name: Lane Leverett NPX Number: 002 Employer:  Nutanix Blog URL: N/A Twitter: @wolfbrthr Virtualisation background: I’ve been doing virtualization solutions since 2006 and ESX 2.5.  Primarily focused around server virtualization and VDI solutions and designs with various VARs. Storage Background: Storage has been focused primarily to support virtualization requirements with solutions like EMC, NetApp, …

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Jul 01 2015

Meet NPX 001 – Josh Odgers

Name: Josh Odgers NPX Number: 001 Employer: Nutanix Blog URL: Twitter: @josh_odgers Virtualisation background: Working with VMware as a focus since ~2006 Storage Background: Shared storage experience with a wide range of technologies from EMC, Netapp, IBM, HP since early 2000s with a more NAS focus since 2010. Hyper Converged Infrastructure background: Started working with …

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Jun 09 2015

My Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) journey

  A few months ago i wrote a blog post about the announcement of the Nutanix Platform Expert certification (NPX) which can be found here. For those of you following my blog and knows me are aware of that i have been focusing on one single hypervisor and solutions related to that software vendor the past …

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