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Feb 21 2018

List Nutanix AHV Physical Memory Configuration

A question I have received quite a few times when Nutanix customers wants to add memory to their AHV hosts is  how they can see the following: DIMM Size in use DIMM Locator in use DIMMs Bank Locator in use You can get some of this information from the out of band management interface (IPMI, …

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Feb 14 2018

VMware vSphere 5.5 End Of General Support

Just a quick blog post for those of you who might have missed it and are still running VMware vSphere 5.5 that it will be end of general support September 19, 2018. vSphere 5.5 was released September 22, 2013 so it has been around for almost 5 years when the general support ends. The same end …

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Feb 13 2018

Pivotal Container Service (PKS) General Available

During VMworld 2017 VMware and Pivotal announced Pivotal Container Service (PKS) which I wrote about here.Just wanted to let you know that VMware PKS 1.0 is now general available. PKS is Kubernetes, which is the most common/used open-source systems for orchestrating containers offering to my knowledge, plus day 1 & day 2 operations combined together. PKS initially …

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Feb 11 2018

Nutanix .Next 2018 New Orleans Blogger Pass Available

The Nutanix .Next Community continues to giving you a chance to get a free blogger pass for its user conferences. The blogger pass provides you with a complimentary conference pass which is all you need to get access to the cool stuff happening during the event. This year, the annual US based .Next Conferenc will …

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Feb 08 2018

Nutanix AHV & Promiscuous Mode

A question I have received a few times is if AHV supports promiscuous mode or not. The easy answer is YES it does. However there is a huge difference in how promiscuous mode works for AHV compared to another well known hypervisor VMware ESXi. AHV uses Open vSwitch for network communication in most cases, there …

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Feb 05 2018

Nutanix Xtract For VM Version 1.1.2 Released

In October 2017 I wrote a blog post about Nutanix Xtract for Virtual Machines which provides almost no VM downtime during the migration from vSphere ESXi to Nutanix AHV. Now, 2018-01-30, version 1.1.2 has been released and it comes with a few enhancements which can/will make your even life easier when migrating VMs to Nutanix …

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Feb 02 2018

Migrate Nutanix AHV Network Traffic From 2×1 Gbps NICs To 2×10 Gbps NICs

A while back a Nutanix AHV customer implemented 10 Gbps at their remote office so we had to change the 2×1 Gbps NICs used by their Nutanix cluster to 2×10 Gbps NICs. This blog post will cover the steps taken to achieve that and it will include Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) and Prism configuration and …

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Jan 31 2018

Nutanix AOS & Prism Central Version & More Released

Yesterday, 2018-01-30, Nutanix release a new minor update to their 5.5 version meaning latest AOS and Prism Central version is now AOS adds support for additional HW platforms compared to and the complete list of supported HW platforms for now includes: Nutanix NX and SX Series Cisco UCS C-Series Dell EMC …

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Jan 30 2018

Nutanix Xtract For Database Version 1.5 Released

In October 2017 I wrote a blog post about Nutanix Xtract for Virtual Machines. In addition to migrate virtual machines to the Nutanix hypervisor AHV there is also an option to perform database migrations using Nutanix Xtract for DBs which was also GA back in 2017. Xtract for DBs discovers all instances in an infrastructure, …

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Jan 23 2018

Vembu BDR Suite v3.9.0 Released

Vembu just released a new version of their Vembu BDR Suite meaning the latest release is version v3.9.0. Focus in this version has been in the following areas: Data Restore Security Storage In addition to these enhancements it is now also possible to schedule and run Pre and Post backup scrips via a wizard available …

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Jan 22 2018

Nutanix AOS & Prism Central Version & More Released

A few days ago Nutanix released a minor update to the 5.5 released which was GA 4 December 2018.  Read more about the 5.5 release This means the most current version of AOS is now AOS As the previous dot dot dot release the is just a minor update which includes a Nested VM feature …

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Jan 20 2018

VMware Integrated OpenStack 4.1 Released

  During VMworld 2018 VMware released VMware Intergrated OpenStack (VIO) version 4.0 which you can read more about here. Now, released 2018-01-18, it is time for an update meaning the newest version of VIO is 4.1. The new version brings a bunch of new features e.g.: HTML5 client support Support for VMware: vSphere 6.5 Update 1 …

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Jan 19 2018

Nutanix AHV VM Reporting Via REST API Version 2.0

So this will be the third release, version 2.0, of the AHV VM Reporting script using Nutanix REST API. You might be aware of that Nutanix moved Self Service Portal functionality from Prism Element (management of single Nutanix cluster) to Prism Central which can manage many Nutanix clusters (PEs) in AOS version 5.5. What you …

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Jan 17 2018

vCloud Director Released

  Yesterday, 2018-01-16, VMware released a minor update to vCloud Director (vCD) meaning latest and greatest version is now This release focuses on resolving issues and not on new features which is usually the way with these minor minor updates. A few resolved issues I have seen or heard about are: Change SID for …

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Jan 11 2018

VMware ESXi Upgrade 6.0 To 6.5 – Conflicting VIBs

A few days ago I was contacted by a customer I used to work with before I joined Nutanix. They were in the process of upgrading their vSphere environment from 6.0 to 6.5 and had ran into a problem with the ESXi upgrade. After creating a vSphere Update Manager (VUM) baseline with the HP ESXi …

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Jan 05 2018

Data Protection for Nutanix AHV Based VMs Version 1.2 Released

  Yet another vendor, this time Cohesity, has added functionality to backup virtual machines running on the Nutanix hyperviros AHV.  This means the following third-party vendors now support backing up AHV based VMs: Cohesity Commvault Comtrade Software HYCU Rubrik This in addition to the AOS built-in options provides a good backup and restore solution for …

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