Jan 31 2017

ESXi 6 – The VMRC Console Has Disconnected


So a few days back i was experience an issue where i couldn’t connect to a VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 Patch 4 (build number 4600944) based Virtual Machine Remote Console (VMRC) at a customer. I have seen this quite a few times over the years and there are a lot of VMware KB articles available on the topic.

I did some research and tried the resolution suggested in e.g.:

Name resolution from the client to the ESXi host was in place, both A and PTR records. I even added the IP, name and FQDN to the clients hosts file but that didn’t help.

I also verified that the communication on the required port for VMRC, 902, was not blocked on the local client where i was running vSphere Client or in a potential firewalls between the ESXi host and the client. See the following  Network ports required to access vCenter Server, ESXi, and ESX hosts for VMware vSphere port requirements.

The error i was getting was “The VMRC console has disconnected….attempting to reconnect”

So this is what i did to be able to use my vSphere Client.

  • Uninstall the vSphere client form the client
  • Remove the following directories on the client:
    • C:\Program Files (x86)\VMware\Infrastructure\Virtual Infrastructure Client
    • C:\ProgramData\VMware\VMware Remote Console\
    • C:\Users\<uerid>\AppData\Local\VMware\vpx
  • Reboot PC
  • Install vSphere Client version VMware-viclient-all-6.0.0.exe which i downloaded from the ESXi host “Download vSphere Client for Windows” which you’ll reach by just typing “https://<FQDN/IP-Address> to your ESXi host.

When done i could connect to VMs using vSphere Client. Bas on the below screen shot there was not an option to use the vSphere Web Client since it was the vCenter Server itself i had to connect to.

The problem, not being able to connect to the VMRC applied to any VM and not just the vCenter Server. Maybe one of the reasons for the problem was that multiple versions of the vSphere Client has been running on the client/PC over the years but i’m not sure.

And no, the ESXi Host Embedded Client was not available at this point in time.
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  1. Hosting

    We experienced this issue on Windows XP workstations immediately following the installation of Microsoft Visual Studio. Neither the Console tab or the Console window would work, both reporting the error that “The VMRC console has disconnected, attempting to reconnect” using the vSphere 5 client.

  2. magander3

    Is the problem solved ?


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