Aug 18 2016

Nutanix now runs on Cisco UCS


Today, 2016-08-18, Nutanix and Cisco announced a meet in the channel agreement where Nutanix AOS formerly known as Nutanix Operating System (NOS) is supported to run on Cisco C-series. This is great news for companies who have standardised their infrastructure on the Cisco platform.

Nutanix AHV, VMware ESXi (5.5 & 6.0) and Microsoft Hyper-V are supported hypervisors to run on the Nutanix & Cisco solution meaning same great flexibility for the customers as usual with Nutanix.

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 17.50.27

The following Cisco USC models including Node specification are initially available:

  • C220-M4S Nodes targeting VDI. Can be compared to NX-3175.
    • 2x 480GB or 2x 1.6TB SSDs
    • 6x 2TB HDDs
    • 2x 64GB SD Card (Boot)
    • 2x E5-26xx v3 / v4 CPUs
    • Intel X520 NIC or Cisco 1227 VIC
  • C240-M4L LFF Nodes targeting Server virtualization. Can be compared to NX-8135
    • 2x 480GB or 2x 1.6TB SSDs (Reg. or SED)
    • up to 10x 4TB HDDs (Reg. or SED)
    • 1x 120GB Internal SSD (Boot)
    • 2x E5-26xx v3 / v4 CPU
    • Intel X520 NIC or Cisco 1227 VIC
  • C240-M4SX SFF Nodes targeting High Performance workload. Can be compared to NX-8150
    • 4x 480GB or 4x 1.6TB SSDs
    • up to 20x 2TB HDDs
    • 1x 120GB Internal SSD (Boot)
    • 2x E5-26xx v3 / v4 CPU
    • Intel X520 NIC or Cisco 1227 VIC

As you can see both Haswell and Broadwell CPUs are supported.


As previously mentioned this is not an OEM agreement meaning and it means that the hardware stays UCS branded


  • Download the Nutanix on Cisco C-Series Best Practices Guide here.
  • FAQ
  • You can view the complete press release here.

Check out the below “How Nutanix works” video to get additional information.





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