Jun 04 2015

Nutanix Technical Deep Dive & Demo

Just wanted to let you know that i will do a public speaking session on Nutanix. This will be a two hour event June 17 in Stockholm Sweden. I’ll be covering a limited number for topics so we have the time for deep dive and questions. This session will not be a sales presentation, it will be a technical presentation, deep dive and a few demos. The following topics will be included.

  • Availability
  • Compression
  • Cache features
  • Data path
  • Deduplication
  • Overview
  • Prism
  • Security
  • Virtual Machine Management
  • Virtual Machine optimisation for performance

The event will be held at Norra Agnegatan 43, 112 29 Stockholm, Sweden between 4 PM – 6 PM June 17 so if you are interested in learning more about how Nutanix works you are more than welcome to sign up here. Limited seats available.

If you another topic you think i should include, please drop me an e-mail via the author page or via twitter @magander3

See you June 17.



  1. lab3.eu

    is there a chance to watch your session couple days later on Nutanix youtube channel ?

  2. magander3

    Hi, i don’t think we will record the session but if we do i’ll let you know.
    If not, i’m happy to provide som information via a webex.


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