Feb 04 2015

vSphere 6.0 blog – Virtual Machine Virtual Hardware (vHW 11)

Another short blog post on the vSphere 6.0 theme. This one will describe the new features and the configuration options for the new virtual machine (VM) virtual hardware version 11 that comes with ESXi 6.


  • 128 vCPUs
  • 4 TB RAM to 12 TB RAM (depending on partner)
  • 62 TB VMDK size ? (not yet verified)
  • 10 Virtual NICS ? (not yet verified)
  • 60 virtual SCSI targets ? (not yet verified)
  • 32 serial ports


  • Hot-add RAM now vNUMA aware
  • Extended support for virtual graphics including Nvidia vGPU
  • WDDM 1.1 GDI acceleration features
  • xHCI 1.0 controller compatible with OS X 10.8+ xHCI driver
  • Serial and parallel ports can now be removed


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  1. Stayfans


  2. Dennis Parslow

    Nice – keeping ahead of the curve. I’m interested to see more applications taking advantage of the vGPU on the server side – I think there is good value there.

  3. magander3

    glad you liked it


  4. Nick Korte


  5. Paulo Reis

    With GPU improvements, we can play games in virtual environment.
    Very good.
    I hope parallel ports will be available if it is not onboard

  6. ScoZel

    Certainly will be able to create huge VMs!

  7. Yuri

    I thought that with HW version 10 you can have really monster VMs. but now with version 11. WOW it just crazy

  8. Mike Medrano

    Another straight and clear information delivered.

    ~ Mike

  9. magander3

    Thanks Mike.

  10. Looneyduk

    I remember when 4MB of RAM was “huge”….lol

    Go bigger, or go Homer….d’oh

    thanks for the blog

  11. Zsolt Pamuki

    Thanks for the info.

  12. Jay Wright

    I am curious to see if these will work for my CAD users. It would save a ton of money not having to buy high end workstations for contact and temp workers.

  13. Mohammed Sadiq

    Is there support for Direct IO .

  14. Syed Fayyaz Hussain Rizvi

    Thanks for the features list.

  15. Cris Rodriguez


  16. Andres Rojas

    Thx for the post
    now Monster VMs will keep getting bigger and bigger!

  17. Mohamed Ibrahem

    Great article, thank you

  18. Mohamed Ibrahem

    well done, great post

  19. Daniele

    Ports can be removed!

  20. Alessandro

    I’m curious to see the performance of nvidia gpu 🙂

  21. Amit Gumber


  22. Geoff Neish


  23. Thomas True

    Time to build some really monstrous VMs.

  24. vervoort jurgen

    Extended support for virtual graphics good for VDI i think?

  25. Rahim

    Thx for this summary..

  26. Alex

    Quick and to the point! thanks Magnus!

  27. Andres Rojas

    Great, clear straight to the meat post !

  28. com.google.process.gapps

    I pay a visit each day some websites and information sites to read posts,
    however this blog presents feature based posts.

  29. Mohammed Sadiq

    Thanks for the info

  30. Shawn

    Really Enjoying this blog. Love how you have taken the major key features out in a simplified format.

  31. Francisco Amadi

    Agree, love how you summarize the most important point. Thanks!

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