Feb 03 2015

vSphere 6.0 blog – Configuration maximums

Just a very short blog post with some of the vSphere 6.0 maximums.

Most of my customers does not even come close to the vSphere 5.5 configuration maximums but a few of them were pretty close considering they run some pretty intensive workloads and large cloud environments.
One thing that has been discussed as a potential limitation and that has actually been a limitation a few times are the number of ESXi hosts per cluster so by increasing that number from 32 to 64 is something quite a few of my customers can take advantage from.

Also the new FT feature will be used a lot for many of my customers for protecting e.g. vCenter Server.

MetricvSphere 6.0
ESXi Host – Logical CPUs480
ESXi Host – NUMA nodes16
ESXi Host – Virtual CPUs2 048 (Don’t know if the official PDF includes a typo since this was 4 096 in vSphere 5.5)
ESXi Host – Virtual CPUs per core32 (based on performance required)
ESXi Host – RAM6-12 TB (12 TB depending on partner)
ESXi Host – VMs1 024
ESXi Host – FT Protected VMs4 VMs or 8 vCPUs (whichever limit is reached first)
vCenter Server – ESXi Hosts1 000
vCenter Server – ESXi hosts per Datacenter500
vCenter Server – Powered on VMs10 000
vCenter Server – Registered VMs15 000
vCenter Server Content Library – Total items per VC (across all libraries) of vCenter Servers200
vCenter Server Content Library – Total number of libraries per VC20
vCenter Server Platform Service Controller (PSC) – Maximum PSCs per vSphere Domain8
vCenter Server Platform Service Controller (PSC) – Maximum PSCs per site, behind a load balancer4
vCenter Server Linked mode – Number of vCenter Servers10
vCenter Server Linked mode – Number of ESXi hosts in linked mode vCenter Servers4 000
vCenter Server Linked mode – Powered on VMs30 000
vCenter Server Linked mode – Registered VMs50 000
vSphere Cluster – Max ESXi hosts64
vSphere Cluster – Number of VMs8 000 (6 000 when using VSAN)
vSphere Cluster – Number of Powered On VM configuration files2 048 (A FT protected VM counts for 2 VM configuration files)
vSphere Cluster – FT protected VMs98
vSphere Cluster – FT VM vCPUs256
VM – Virtual CPUs128
VM – Virtual RAM4 TB
VM – VMDK size62 TB
VM – vNICs10
VM – SCSI Controllers4
VM – SCSI targets60
VM – SATA Adapters4
VM – SATA devices per SATA adapter30
VM – Number of vCPUs for FT protected VM4
VM – RAM per FT protected VM64 GB
VM – Disks per FT protected VM16

The official VMware vSphere 6.0 configuration maximum PDF can be downloaded here.


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  1. Nick Korte

    4 TB of Virtual RAM… WOW! It is amazing how far compute hardware and virtualization has come over the past few years.

    Thanks for the article!

  2. Yuri

    I think that VMware has lift up in a big way. Almost everything is double and a few even more.

  3. Paulo Reis

    Database administrators will love this increase in memory and vCpu

  4. ScoZel

    Thanks for posting this!

  5. Stayfans

    Nice résumé.

  6. Zsolt Pamuki

    Thanks. Good to see all of this together.

  7. Andrew Anderson

    Would have been nice to see how these numbers compare to 5.5, looks like there’s a table in this pdf for anyone else interested: http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere5/r55/vsphere-55-configuration-maximums.pdf

  8. Mike Medrano

    Very straight forward article!
    Nice blog!

    ~ Mike

  9. magander3


  10. Looneyduk

    Nice Post – Good concise table

  11. magander3


  12. GregL

    Nice table…great for VCP/VCAP review.

  13. Thomas True

    Best news is the new limit for FT: 4 vCPUs in one FT-VM

  14. Jay Wright

    Thanks for the list

  15. J

    Great write-up, thanks!

  16. harshvardhan gupta

    Great Article about vSphere 6 Maximums.

  17. Jagannath S

    Great Summary – Thanks:)

  18. Syed Fayyaz Hussain Rizvi

    I don’t think anybody would ever reach these maxs…
    can not imagine putting 1000 VMs over a host
    Thank you for the post

  19. Cris Rodriguez

    Thanks. Look forward to the final numbers

  20. Andres Rojas

    Thx for gathering all the info, great summary!

  21. Mohamed Ibrahem

    Thanks for the great article

  22. flylknegl

    Good article, look forward to seeing the final numbers.

  23. Lalit

    This is the great article

  24. Alessandro

    excellent summary of the characteristics thanks

  25. Amit Gumber


  26. Amit Gumber


  27. Geoff Neish

    This is a handy list, it would be nice to see a list of just what has increased since 5.5

  28. Prasad Akkineni

    Good info

  29. Nigel Hickey

    Great list Magnus! This should come in handy once I get underway with my VCP6 studies. Nice work bud!

  30. vervoort jurgen

    thx nice table overview indeed

  31. Rahim

    Great summary!

  32. Alex

    great overview of new config maximums!

  33. Ravi Venkatasubbaiah

    Nice list!!

  34. Zsolt Pamuki

    Good summary. Thanks.

  35. Andres Rojas

    Great post, thx for the gathering the info and presenting it in such a great condensed way !

  36. Manoj

    check this out – http://serveradda.com/vsphere-6-0-new-configuration-maximums.html

  37. WalterH

    Too bad that I have found your post after I learned the config maximums from offical pdf for VCP6 Delta Beta 🙂

  38. magander3

    well, hope you find something here that you can use:)

  39. Shawn

    This is great, very nice to have a quick easy list to learn the config maximums in a very easy to see and read format

  40. Adam Reid

    Hey Guys, I’m curios as to how many people might have tested the maximum VM’s on an ESXi host. VMware are reporting 1024. Are we to assume this is a theoretical maximum or actual? I’ve tried a number of configurations on various ESXi hosts and can only ever reach 680 VMs (powered off).

    I appreciate that in the real world, this number is bonkers! But I’m testing our VVOL’s deployment at the moment, and I’m trying to test the max limits.

    Thanks, Adam

  41. magander3

    i haven’t tested ESXi configuration maximums in term of VMs. Usually the maximum numbers is what has been included in QA and not hard limits but in this case i don’t know.


  42. Francisco Amadi

    Great summary, thanks!

  43. Satish Kumar B

    Resources had doubled in vSphere as compared previous version.
    Not seen any organization with max configuration.

  44. Javier Cardaba

    Thank for sharing.

  45. Christian


    we have a 6.0 vCenter and 5.5 Hosts at this time. Can i create a cluster with 38 nodes or not? Is the Cluster nodes limit depending on the vCenter, the ESXi version or both?

    What I found out – its a soft limit. I were able in a vCenter 5.5 to add more than 32 nodes to the cluster.


  46. magander3

    actually never tried. Have you checked things like HA config so it’s up 2 date and all VMs are protected?



  47. Alex Dolan

    Has anyone found a way to increase the number of vNIC’s per host? I need more than 10.

  48. Alex

    How do I increase the number of allowed vNIC’s per VM? I need more than 10.


  49. magander3

    Actually never tried


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