Sep 23 2014

Create Nutanix Container via vCloud Automation Center

A few week ago i decided to put together a few short videos of how to use vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) and vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) to manage the Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform (VCP).

The video will show you how vCAC, using vCO, can be used to quickly create a new Nutanix Container and send an email when finished.Yeah i just love reporting since what is not documented has never happened:)

Several different Nutanix Containers are being created in the video to show the different Nutanix Container features Compression and/or Deduplication. The Nutanix Container will be presented as a NFS Datastore to the ESXi hosts.

Click the image to view the reporting video

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 15.43.48

Important: This video was created for private usage and is not a corporate video.

The Nutanix Prism API gives you a lot of options in terms of managing the Nutanix VCP so expect more videos. Let me know if you have any use case you want me to look into.

Other related blog posts including automation videos can be found here:


4 pings

  1. Mark

    Hey Mag,

    Do you have a repo where you post actual guidance or examples of these types of things? The video is cool and all, but doesn’t really show anything that isn’t already implied by the availability of RestAPI, and it would be really useful to get a bit more specific on the inner workings.


  2. magander3

    actually i don’t have any repo but it’s a good idea. I might create one when i have some time.


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