Nov 22 2013

Interviewed for the VMware Education and Certification Blog

A few weeks ago me and Tomas Fojta were interviewed over skype for the VMware Education and Certification Blog regarding our double VCDX certifications.

The interview was published yesterday on the VMware Education and Certification Blog with the title “Advice from the First ‘Double’ VCDXs“.

It was a straight forward  interview and i liked that both Tomas and i were present the same time. This means we could discuss around various questions and i found it pretty interesting to hear what Tomas had to say about his two VCDX journeys.

Thanks VMware for giving me the opportunity to share my experience about the two VCDX journeys to a wider audience.
For additional information about my VCDX experience, see the VCDX section of my blog.


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  1. kuver

    Every Technocrats need appreciation and when it’s achieved that’s make more Significance..@Gr8 Job

  2. Samir Roshan

    Double VCDX is no mean feat 🙂 Congrats !!

  3. magander3

    Thanks Kuver & Samir

  4. Vikas Dubey

    Congrats for Double VCDX…

  5. Ravinder Kumar

    Congratulations for becoming double VCDX !!!

  6. magander3

    Thanks Vikas & Ravinder

  7. Gaurav Nigam

    Many Many Congrats dude 🙂

  8. magander3

    Thanks a lot


    Really a vcdx itself is a G G Great achievement, and a double is a ………
    Great mean in fact.
    In our days we were thinking of CCIE’s in this way.
    Now it is VCDX’s turn

    You really need appreciation.
    I salute U

    Thank you



    You really need appreciation as double is not a mean feat.

    I salute you dude.



  11. magander3

    Thanks a lot Shariff.

  12. magander3

    Thanks a lot Shariff.

  1. VMware Sweden VCDX certification webinar | VCDX56

    […] i had last year, together with Tomas Fojta, for VMware certification website, available on my blog here and on the public VMware web site […]

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