Oct 17 2013

VMworld – day 3

My plan was to spend a lot of time in the solutions exchange during the last day of VMworld 2013 in Barcelona. Mainly because i have not had the time yet and that it is usually less crowdy the last day (day after the VMworld party) compared to the other days.
Started my day at the VMware both with a discussion and a demo of IT Business Management which gives the organization more cost insight. I have been struggling with cost models from time to time, for either chargeback or show back, since my first VMware production implementation for a hosting company back in 2005. The look and feel plus the integration to vCloud Automation Center looks really nice. But as any other product/solution in the cost modeling area there is no magic, the hard work for all organizations will still be the process in which the cost definition for all different metrics are done. Doesn’t hurt to have a nice product for processing the metrics you put in.
After the ITBM discussion i joined a few sessions.

  • Extreme Performance Series: Monster Virtual Machines
  • Operational Best Practices for NSX in VMware Environments
  • Software-Defined Storage: The VCDX Way

Same good quality delivered during these sessions as the other days. I have talked with quite a few people during the event and everyone seems to agree that the quality of the sessions has increased even though i usually, during previous events,

Back at the solutions exchange i stopped by the Nutanix both and Mattias Sundling, the first Nutanix employee in Sweden, showed me the hardware and did a demo of the administration UI. Had quite a lot of time for all kinds of questions e.g. data protection, integration to management and monitoring systems.
I have never actually seen the product in real life before so this was time well spent. I also got the chance to speak to Steven Poitras who gave me a more in depth explanation about how the meta data and the actual data is distributed between the nodes in the cluster to ensure data protection. I hope/think i got a pretty good understanding about how it works now.
For those of you how know me i’m a simple man and like simple (at least easy to manage) solutions and i find this solution really attractive. I would really like to get the opportunity to play around with the product in the near future.

I also had the opportunity to get a VMware “Meet the experts” session with Rawlinson Rivera and Kyle Murley and they did a really good job explaining how VMware Virsto works including when, why and how to use it. Was pretty late in the afternoon but i think i got a pretty good picture about the concept and the components included in the solution. Will definitely look more into this product when i get the time.

The ESXi pktcap-uw command seems to be a really nice tool for NSX network analyzing.

If you are in the process, which i hope, to further develop your own or your customers future solutions i can recommend you to take a look and join one of the available VMware beta programs. Sign up here.

Based on bad time management i did not even come close to the time i would like to have had available in the solutions exchange. Have to blame VMware for all good sessions and labs available:)
Thanks VMware for an amazing VMworld event 2013. See you next year….


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  1. Rasmus Haslund

    So sorry I could not go to VMworld Barcelona so we could meet up!
    Are you planning to visit the Nordic VMUG Conference December 3rd in Copenhagen?

  2. magander3

    Thanks Rasmus for comment number 100 on my blog. Unfortunately it seems like i can not join the VMUG, that seems to be awesome. You’ll get a vcdx56.com t-shirt for your comment when we meet.


  3. Niklas Ahlstedt

    Hi Magnus. I did not see you in Barcelona. Guess we were both quite occupied! If you want to have a more hands-on with Nutanix we have a demo system we can provide. We have three SE competencies on the NX-OS and also own presentations in english and swedish.

  4. magander3

    Hi Niklas, yeah it was a crazy week but i learned a lot. Hope you are happy with your week? It would be awesome if it is possible for you to let me get some hands-on experience with Nutanix. Let’s stay in touch / Magnus

  5. Nale

    Like Christian I want to earn the VCDX as a personal acminploshmect. I want to show myself that by putting my mind to a series of tasks and doing the work required I can do anything. I love the idea of sharing the goal with a like-minded group of people and helping/pushing/willing each other to meet it.To put it out there my goal is to take the VCAP-DCD 5 by June 30, 2012, the VCAP-DCA by Dec 31, 2012 and submit & defend a design by June 30, 2013.Good luck and Godspeed to all VCDXwannabes 🙂

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