Jan 28

VMware vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2 d

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So yesterday, 2015-01-27, VMware released vCenter Server U2d. Quite a lot of minor versions being released for this version but the latest one was actually U2b and not U2c. The latest release now includes the following components:

  • vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2d | 27 JAN 2015 | Build 2442329
  • vCenter Server 5.5 Update 2d Installation Package | 27 JAN 2015 | Build 2442328
  • vCenter Server Appliance 5.5 Update 2d | 27 JAN 2015 | Build 2442330

This release focuses on solving issues and not adding functionality. While reading through the release notes i saw at least four resolved issues i have seen in the past and that i know my customers will like e.g.:

  • VMware Directory Service consumes excessive memory
  • Network Interface Cards of virtual machines in disconnected state might get ejected during vMotion

  • Accessing the Storage View tab fails with the error – Request failed. Server took to long to respond

  • Datastore browser in vSphere Web Client does not overwrite existing files

The complete release notes can be found here and you can download the new version here

Jan 27

Problem connection vCenter Orchestrator to vRealize Automation

While standing up a vRealize Automation (formerly known as vCloud Automation Center) 6.2 environment a few days back i received an error when trying to connect an external vCenter Orchestrator 5.5.2 (vCO) soon to be renamed to vRealize Orchestrator (vRO) to the vRA Advanced Services.

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 04.35.01

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Jan 23

Nutanix @ VMware Partner Exchange 2015

This year i’m closer than ever to attend the VMware Partner Exchange (PEX) since i’ll be in Canada working with some cool Nutanix, Horizon View, vRealize Automation and vRealise Orchestrator stuff:)

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Jan 20

OVF Deployment failed in vSphere Web Client

So a few days back while preparing for this weeks job i failed to deploy a OVF in my vSphere environment. I have had problems in the past with, back in the vSphere 5.1 days but haven’t seen it since. The error i received was:

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 10.09.14

I was running the VMware vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) version Build 2170515 if verifying the version via the https://vCSA:5480 admin page.

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Jan 18

VMTN almost back via VMUG Advantage

This is great news for all the VMware User Group (VMUG) members and potential new members. When signing up for a VMUG Advantage you will not only get the traditional benefits but you will also receive a 365-day evaluation license for the following selected VMware products:

  • VMware vCenter Server™ 5 Standalone for vSphere 5
  • VMware vSphere® with Operations Management™ Enterprise Plus
  • VMware vCloud Suite® Standard
  • VMware vRealize™ Operations Insight™
  • VMware vRealize Operations™ 6 Enterprise
  • VMware vRealize Log Insight™
  • VMware vRealize Operations for Horizon®
  • VMware Horizon® Advanced EditionVMware Virtual SAN™
  • VMware Virtual SAN™

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Jan 13

vRealize Automation Data collection doesn’t work

vRealize Automation (vRA), formerly called vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) vSphere Data collection is the process where vRA reaches out to its infrastructure source endpoints and their compute resources to collect information. Below is the number of data collection types:

  • Infrastructure Source Endpoint Data Collection
  • Inventory Data Collection
  • State Data Collection
  • Performance Data Collection (vSphere compute resources only)
  • vCNS inventory data collection (vSphere compute resources only)
  • WMI data collection (Windows compute resources only)
  • Cost data collection (compute resources managed by vRealize Business Standard Edition only)

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Jan 06

Update vCenter Server Appliance without internet connection

Last week i published a blog post where i outlined how to install an Apache web server on a CentOS virtual machine (VM). The web server was required to install, update and upgrade a few other applications and one of them was the vCenter Server Appliance (vCSA) from version 5.5.0 Update 1c to the latest available version 5.5.0 Update 2a version.

This is something i have done several times in the past with one exception. This time i didn’t have any internet connectivity so i couldn’t use the default repository vapp-updates.vmware.com.

I used the following procedure to successfully update my VCSA.

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Dec 30

Install Apache on CentOS from ISO image

This blog post will outline how to install an Apache web server from an ISO image on my CentOS 6.4 virtual machine (VM). The reason for this is that i’ve been doing some work where no internet connection has been available. There will be a follow up post to where an web server is mandatory. Stay tuned.

To install Linux packages you can either use the command rpm or the command yum . I usually use yum since i can easily include dependencies the same time. I needed to create an offline repository this before running yum since i didn’t have any internet connection available for the VM.

These are the steps i took to install apache on my CentOS VM.

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Dec 25

Nutanix Technical Champions for 2014 announced

A few months ago Nutanix launched the Nutanix Technology Champion (NTC) Program, read more about the program here.
Yesterday (2014-12-24) the awardees were announced. 20 people are recognised as NTC for 2014:

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Dec 23

Nutanix Metro Availability configuration and failover

A few days ago my colleague David Broome tested one of the new features, Metro Availability, in Nutanix Operating System (NOS) 4.1 that will be released next year. Yeah i know that time frame is a little bit vague but stay tuned beginning of next year year and you might have some more information:)

The NOS Metro Availability requires 2 Nutanix clusters , one at each site. The data replication is synchronous so we are not talking about disaster recovery (DR) which has been a feature in NOS for a long time.

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