Feb 22 2017

VMware vCloud Director 8.2 Released

Yesterday, 2017-02-21, VMware released a new version of vCloud Director (vCD) which is now version 8.2. As you all know vCD has been focusing on service providers since a few years back but since I still work with a few service providers I’m using it from time to time. There are quite a few changes/improvements …

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Feb 17 2017

Nutanix AHV VM Reporting

Updated 2017-02-22 Added VM Disk Usage Information ——————————————————————————————————————————————– While I was visiting a customer the other week we started to talk about VM reporting for Nutanix AHV and what we can do. There are several options to get the information required e.g. via REST API, ncli, acli, PowerShell and so on. Since this customer runs …

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Feb 16 2017

Vembu BDR Suite v3.7.0 Released – Free Version Included

Vembu just released Vembu BDR Suite v3.7.0 and it comes with quite a few enhancements including e.g.: Multitenancy for both Vembu BDR and Vembu OffsiteDR servers. Good enhancement for e.g. service providers and based on role based access control the separate customers can manage and monitor their backup jobs. New backend database. PostgreSQL has replaced MongoDB and …

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Feb 15 2017

Need a Nutanix .Next Washington 2017 Blogger Pass

Unless you haven’t already seen and/or applied I wanted to let my fellow blogger friends out there know that it is possible to apply for a Nutanix .Next user conference in Washington blogger pass. Nutanix .Next user conference in Washington will take place June 28 – 30, 2017 in Washington, D.C. at Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center and the blogger …

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Feb 14 2017

Nutanix AOS 5.0.1 & more updates released

Today, 2017-02-14, Nutanix released an AOS (Acropolis Operating System), formerly known as NOS (Nutanix Operating System) update meaning it is now at level 5.0.1. In addition to the AOS release there has been a few additional releases for PRISM Central 5.0.1 and Metro Witness 5.0.1. AOS 5.0.1 Its a maintenance release and include fixes in …

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Feb 10 2017

Nutanix OpenStack Virtual Machine Version 2.1.4 Released

A few days ago, 2017-02-02, Nutanix released a new version of their OpenStack Virtual Machine (OVM) so the current version is now 2.1.4. There are quite a few enhancements but one specifically I wanted to let you know. It is now possible to to configure the OVM in a High Availability mode This is excellent news …

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Feb 08 2017

Nutanix Prism Element, Prism Central & Prism PRO

Just wanted to share an excellent Nutanix Prism Element (also known as Prism), Prism Central & Prism Pro  video presentation by my Nutanix colleague Marc Malotke. A few words from Marc about the video: Prism not only allows you to manage your datacenter from a single pane of glass, it also removes risk from your future …

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Feb 08 2017

VMware vExpert 2017

Just received a notification that i have been awarded with the VMware vExpert title for 2017. The current vExpert count is 1 472 people and it was the fifth year (2013-2017) I was awarded with the title. Read more about the VMware vExpert 2017 Announcement on the VMware official blog All VMware vExperts are listed in …

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Feb 07 2017

VMware vCenter Server & ESXi 6.5.0a released

Just a short blog post for you who might have missed that a few days ago, 2017-02-02, same time as VMware released NSX version 6.3.0 they also released: vCenter Server 6.5.0a ESXi 6.5.0a The only purpose of this A release for vCenter Server was to add support for NSX 6.3 and the same goes for ESXi …

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Feb 04 2017

Get Your Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 NFR Key

Just wanted to let you know that Veeam gives everyone with any of the below certifications or community award recognitions a Veeam Backup for Microsoft Office 365 license for one year. VMware vExpert VCP VCAP VCI VCDX VMUG Leader, Veeam VTEC VMCE, Microsoft MVP MCSE MCSA MCT Cisco Cisco Champion Nutanix Nutanix Technical Champions (Select Other …

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Feb 01 2017

Nutanix AHV and Windows Server Guest Customisation

A while back i wrote a blog post about Nutanix AHV and Linux VM Guest Customization and based on that one i have had a few requests about how to do the same for Windows based VMs so that is the topic for this blog post. For Windows based systems, if deploying VMs from base/template …

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Jan 31 2017

ESXi 6 – The VMRC Console Has Disconnected

So a few days back i was experience an issue where i couldn’t connect to a VMware vSphere ESXi 6.0 Patch 4 (build number 4600944) based Virtual Machine Remote Console (VMRC) at a customer. I have seen this quite a few times over the years and there are a lot of VMware KB articles available on the topic. …

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Jan 30 2017

Nutanix .Next Tour In Stockholm

Just a quick reminder for those of you who have not already signed up for the Nutanix .Next Tour In Stockholm February 8, 2018. Click the figure below or the following link to register. This event is a chance for everyone who did not attend one of the two Nutanix .Next user conferences last year to …

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Jan 24 2017

Nutanix Self Service Portal and Service Now Integration

I have created a bunch of Nutanix Self Service Portal (SSP) related blog posts which covers everything from initial setup to administrator and end user management. The blog posts can be found here: Nutanix Self Service Portal Part I – Preparation & Initial Configuration Nutanix Self Service Portal Part II – Projects Nutanix Self Service Portal Part III …

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Jan 21 2017

Nutanix NX-3155-G5 Now Available

Just a quick blog post to let you know that the NX-3155-G5 Node focusing on graphics intensive applications in the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) space is now available. To make sure the best possible end user experience is provided the NX-3155-G5 node is configurable with one of the following GPU options: 2 x NVIDIA M10 2 …

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Jan 19 2017

Nutanix Self Service Portal Part VI – Catalog Items

This is the fifth blog post in the Nutanix Self Service Portal (SSP) blog post series. The other blog posts in the series are: Nutanix Self Service Portal Part I – Preparation & Initial Configuration Nutanix Self Service Portal Part II – Projects Nutanix Self Service Portal Part III – Roles Nutanix Self Service Portal Part IV – Images Nutanix Self Service …

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