May 04 2016

VMTurbo VMworld 20016 Sweepstakes

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 23.39.26

Really good news for you who wants to attend VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas 28 August – 1 September but don’t have any tickets yet. VMTurbo has once again decided to support the virtualization community in a really good way and gives you a chance to win two tickets for the event. The sweepstakes is open between 4 May until …

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May 04 2016

Top vBlog 2016 voting is now open

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 08.51.15

It’s one again that time of the year when you get a chance to let the blog writers know what you think about their writing. Eric Siebert form vSphere-land has as usual done a great job putting it all together and i just wanted to let you know that the voting is now open. I also think …

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May 03 2016

May 2016 VCDX56 sponsor blog by Systancia

This blog post i delivered by the blog sponsor Systancia who presents (both text and some cool videos) news about their AppliDis product. First fully HTML5 console Right from the start, AppliDis was designed with a built-in web administration console. The new version is based fully on HTML 5, which means that it works with any HTML …

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Apr 25 2016

Nutanix AHV, OpenStack & vRealize Automation

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.52.11

There has been a lot of discussions lately around vRealize Automation (vRA) and AHV, formerly known as Acropolis Hypervisor, integrations and if it possible to manage AHV based virtual machines (VMs) via vRA. As many of you already know Nutanix has released its own OpenStack solution that manages AHV objects. The OpenStack solution consists of a single …

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Apr 19 2016

AOS 4.6.1 released

Today, 2016-04-19, Nutanix released AOS, formerly known as Acropolis Base Software and Nutanix Operating System (NOS), version 4.6.1. Apart from Security enhancements i just wanted to point out two things in this release: You can now apply minor ESXi patches via PRISM. This was possible using the command line before (since AOA version 4.5). All you …

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Apr 12 2016

Nutanix OpenStack Part II – Project & User Management

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 15.31.46

This will be the second part of my Nutanix OpenStack blog series. The first one was about the Deployment and can be found here. Now when we have the solution up and running it’s time to create the Projects needed and for those of you who have never worked with OpenStack a project can be …

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Apr 05 2016

Change ESXi password complexity policy

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 17.46.30

The other week i was asked by a customer to change passwords for all service accounts in their environment and this includes but not limited to IPMI admin account, ESXi host root account, Nutanix Controller Virtual Machine (CVM) nutanix account vCenter Server administrator@vsphere.local account Based on existing customer password requirements for ESXi hosts, 16 characters including only …

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Mar 30 2016

Remove Horizon View Desktops Pools and VMs stuck in delete state

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 15.52.20

A while back i had to manually clean up some Horizon View (version 6.2) Desktop pools that were stuck in the delete state. Reasons for this was failed attempts to delete Horizon View VDIs even though their corresponding vCenter Server VMs were successfully deleted. Below is a print screen from the Horizon View UI showing the state …

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Mar 22 2016

Nutanix OpenStack Part I – Deployment

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 07.03.08

This will be the first blog post in a series that will cover the Nutanix OpenStack solution and what could be better than starting with the deployment. I will not spend much time explaining the architecture but i’ll mention the three main components in the Nutanix OpenStack solution: Acropolis OpenStack Services VM (OVM) – This …

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Mar 16 2016

vRealize Automation 7.0.1 released

Yesterday, 2016-03-15, VMware released a minor patch for vRealize Automation meaning the new version is now 7.0.1. However, even though this is a minor patch it includes quite a lot of fixes and also a few new features and enhancements to existing feature. Three major new enhancements are included: Provides a management agent to automate …

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Mar 16 2016

vSphere 6.0 Update 2 released

Yesterday, 2016-03-15, VMware released vCenter Server 6.o U2 and ESXi 6.0 U2. There are quite a few good fixes and enhancements and i’ll list a few things i have seen in the field that will be fixed with these releases: Hostd stops responding when esxcli commands are executed using PowerCLI Upgrading vCenter Server from 5.5 …

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Mar 14 2016

Three years as a blogger

Today, March 13 2016, it has been three years since i started this blog and it has for sure been a fun ride. The initial idea was to use it as a personal online documentation library or personal usage & share my problems and solutions with anyone interested. I’m still blogging about my day 2 day …

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Mar 08 2016

Install and manage Nutanix Guest Tools

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 22.48.46

In the Nutanix Guest Tools blog post i explained what Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) is and what features it provides. This blog post will focusing on the installation of NGT in a Windows operating system based VM and how you verify a successful installation. I’ll provide an overview initially and a detailed section at the end that is …

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Mar 01 2016

Error joining vCenter Server Appliance to Active Directory

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 14.10.09

Time for another guest blog post and this one by my former colleague Johan Blom @ RTSAB who had problem joining a vCenter Server Appliance 6 U1 to a Windows 2012 R2 domain. When trying top join domain from vSphere Web Client the following error was seen:   Idm client exception: Error trying to join AD, error code [11], user [XXX\yyy …

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Feb 26 2016

Nutanix Guest Tools

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 23.29.03

As mentioned in the blog post Acropolis Base Software 4.6 released the Nutanix Guest Tools (NGT) is now general available for virtual machines (VMs) and no longer a tech preview as in Acropolis Base Software 4.5. NGT is a software package distributed and maintained by Nutanix and its purpose is to provide advanced VM management functionality. …

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Feb 23 2016

Acropolis Base Software 4.6 released

Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 01.41.30

So yesterday, 2016-02-22, Nutanix released Acropolis Base Software version 4.6 formerly known as Nutanix Operating System (NOS). Even though it is just a dot release it contains a lot of feature enhancement, performance enhancements and also new features. This is the next step in the Nutanix journey to make the cloud invisible and it continues to …

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